Hi, I’m James Pandelis, aka Soda Piggy. Since 2012, I have been making digital art, music and sound effects.  I have been drawing and gaming since I was a kid in the 90’s and draw much of my artistic and musical inspiration from that time.


I just love to draw. I’m very versatile and can make anything you need in any style you want, FAST! From realistic to cartoony, from pixel art to crayons and watercolor, from characters to objects to logos – Let me draw some art for you!

Design, Storyboard & Art Direction

I also enjoy art direction and design. Check out these videos I did character design, storyboard, and art direction for!


Video game music is my other great passion! I can write in almost any style, be it NES-style chiptunes, 50’s rock, orchestral, metal, calypso, ambient, or 8-bit dubstep. If you are in need of some original music, I’d love to compose for you!